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Don Jon: Sex, Sex, and Gordon-Levitt’s Perspective

I adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt, indeed. But actually, I don’t wanna write about and watch this movie…

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thank you 2013!

place that I miss #gilitrawangan

the junction

Prisoners: Terror of Confusion and Curiosity

So, here I am again, with my 2nd movie review this week. Well, it’s just the Hollywood who kickin’…

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Gravity: All In Silence

What things that Hollywood can sell? Trapped-in-jail story? Biasa. Lost-in-forest story? Biasa. Str…

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Fast & Furious 6: They Know How to Spend Money (spoiler alert)

I warn you, this post is contains what people called “spoiler”.

So, is this the movie that you…

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Carra touching the Anfield sign for the last time with his children

(via carradonna)


(via carradonna)